SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2020

Lenticular Snowboard Design

Ben Roethel

A lenticular installation creates the illusion that two separate images are in motion in relation to each other when passed by. To create this effect, the images are placed on opposing surfaces of triangular ridges. Each image becomes fully visible when at both the correct distance and perspective from the center of the installation. To create this effect, a technical series of 120 degree grooves was routed out of the snowboard's wooden core using a computer numerical control (cnc) routing machine. In order to place a graphic onto this rigid surface, a complex and precise graphic layout was produced and printed onto a high tack adhesive vinyl. By creating this lenticular installation on the top of the snowboard, the rider will be able to see a color or image changing graphic on their snowboard, as they lean forward or backwards. Snowboard graphic production will now become a variable medium, bringing a new form of life to each snowboard.

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