SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2020

Sad Bag Challenge

Meghan Eisel

There are limited campaigns in this country that focus on the overuse of plastic in the packaging industry, as this industry takes up over 40% of all plastic use. Many people are unaware of the plastic they use on a daily basis; creating a challenge that puts their plastic waste right in front of them might cause them to make a change. I created the #sadbagchallenge to make people aware of the abundance of plastic packaging that they use every day. While it is nearly impossible to stop people from purchasing food with plastic packaging, it will make them conscious of the decisions they make when it comes to shopping for certain foods. By photographing your plastic waste for a week, you will receive simple tips to reduce your plastic waste on a daily basis. The Sad Bag Challenge brings a comical perspective to this serious global concern. Bringing light to this issue is something that the world needs to hear; one small change can make a large impact for the future of plastic.

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