SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2020

Election Year

Christian Torgersen

In the game Election Year, players take on the role of candidates running for office to win the presidency. Players must build up their campaign from the ground up. By gaining staff members, campaign offices, and holding rallies, players can grow their movement. However, they must first deal with the other candidates running. Through scandals, debates and maybe a bribe or two, players can knock out their opponents in order to gain the most votes and win the title of President! Election Year is a fast paced take on a deck building game. By integrating elements of a party game, players will have to remain witty and on their feet in order to win. Taking only an hour to play, Election Year is the perfect game to play on game night with your friends or family. However, on your road to become the President, you may make a few enemies.

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