SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2020

The Nature of Plastic

Tania Velin

Plastic pollution is an issue that brings harm to global climate, social, and economic environments as a result of unethical business practice and cultural infusion. In particular, plastic producers in the United States are largely to blame for the lack of waste management and neglected proposals to deal with the exponential growth of plastic production each year. As a result, plastic pollutes land and oceans worldwide, affecting the poorest communities in the world the most. The Nature of Plastic is an information driven campaign created to inform a general audience of consumers on the existing issues, complications, and past events that are tied with the production and mismanagement of plastic waste. While discussing national and global issues over time, making information from reports and viewing the impact of propaganda on addressing plastic pollution aims to introduce consumption recommendations for individuals to change how they view and use plastic and push for change to take place in the plastic industry.

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