SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2020


Dane Roberts

We all value our belongings for a range of reasons, including sentimental, economic, and personal values. So, while the value we place in our belongings may be different for each individual, the strong personal attachment we feel to them is the same. The mobile application, diddo, aims to aid this relationship between humans and their belongings, particularly those with sentimental value. First, a user can 3D scan any object to create an ultra realistic 3D model. Then, they can store their models in a personal 3D time capsule for easy accessibility and organization. Users can edit their 3D models within the app, share pictures, gifs, videos, and the actual model file with friends, family, and social media. Users can send in their 3D object files to be 3D printed in a variety of different materials. diddo makes it possible to digitally preserve one’s belongings and memories like never before.

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